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spintronics technology

Material optimization by modulation of electron spins

Fast prototype development and series production!

Our technology enables a fast development and advancement of components by externally attached spintronic chips of different spin patterns. For series production, these desired properties can be applied directly to the component or painted on.

possible applications

In principle, any component that is subjected to mechanical, thermal or electrical stress can be modified using our technology.


tire industry

Overall tire optimization according to customer requirements:

  • grip level

  • turn-in

  • braking performance

  • wet handling

  • rolling behavior

commercial vehicles

Systems for reducing rolling resistance. 

  • Tested by the GTÜ

  • Approved by the BAG for de-minimis funding

Aerodynamics for cars and aircrafts

  • Increased aerodynamic efficiency

  • Tested in wind tunnel and confirmed by university studies


Spintronic technology - explained in 3 minutes

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