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We have developed methods to sustainably influence the electric and magnetic fields of a component.

Our Services

Modified material properties through modulation of the electric and magnetic fields

For this purpose, we use silicon-based carrier materials (spintronic chips) with modulated spin patterns that are coupled to the respective component.
If the component is now subjected to dynamic or thermal loads, these lead to interaction with the component and thus to altered material properties.

The material properties can therefore also be individually modulated and adjusted by means of differently programmed patterns.


New innovative technology for tire production

Improved rolling behavior, increased driving dynamics and shorter braking distances at the same time? We can solve this conflict of goals with our technology. With the spintronic chips, the desired properties can be quickly tested.

For series production, the spintronic technology is supplied in the form of powder, which is mixed directly into the rubber in small proportions to produce the desired results.


Commercial vehicle eco-system, saves fuel and is eligible for subsidies (BRD)

Spintronik has developed an efficient solution for reducing fuel consumption, tire and material wear for commercial vehicles. The overall system comprises various coordinated components that minimize internal engine resistance as well as resistance from ancillary units and the drivetrain right up to the contact between the wheel and the road surface. This ensures significantly reduced driving resistance overall.

Eligible for de minimis funding from the BAG (Federal Office of
for Freight Transport)


Increase aerodynamic efficiency

Air flow is influenced by charges/fields on the surface. Vortex shedding occurs and repulsive forces result.
By changing the charges/fields through the attachment of spintronic chips, vortices are formed at the surface and charges are removed. The air flow changes not only at the surface, but also already in front of the component, which takes place by turning in the vortices. This can significantly improve the flow of air.

Do you have an unsolved, tricky task?

Vibration and friction optimization, aerodynamic efficiency improvement...

Then Spintronik may be able to help you. Give us a call and tell us about your problem. We will be happy to visit you and clarify in a personal conversation which solutions we can offer.

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